Entrepreneurship Club

A Student Club at

Harvard Business School

We’re a diverse community of movers and

shakers, each trying to create an impact.


Do you have a burning passion for an idea? Be a part of a community of founders tackling a diverse set of exciting problems spanning every industry. Access resources to help with fundraising, building a team, achieving growth and managing your startup operations. Join the startup tribe!


Do you want to be part of something new and exciting? In the eClub, you will connect with RCs and ECs working on their own entrepreneurial ventures. Meet and greet others in the HBS entrepreneurship club and the broader Boston startup community with regular social events, and join your classmates in building new ventures.

Radhika Malik


Raunaq Palejwala

VP of Tech + Marketing

Pritee Tembhekar

SPARK Co-Chair

Clara Chappaz

SPARK Co-Chair

Kristina Hristova

VP of Advice

Brittany Yoon

VP of Advice

Sheila Bushman

VP of Speakers

Samantha Kaminsky

VP of Founders

Patrick Nealon

VP of Founders

Heather Engel

VP of Funding + CFO

Vincent Vo

VP of Funding + CFO

Kat Oshman

VP of Tech + Marketing

Eduardo Russian


Meet the people who

make it all happen.

We’re a group of students passionate about startups and the entrepreneurial journey. We’ve all either founded, joined or advised startups before or aspire to do so some day. It is our commitment to work hard to foster within HBS a strong community for entrepreneurship and innovation. Through our conference, social events, speaker engagements, pitch competitions and workshops, we're hoping to bring together everyone interested in the startup world and to help students best utilize resources to found or join startups. We’d love for you to join us!

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  • What is the difference between the Rock Center, the iLab, and the eClub?
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  • How do I connect with club leaders (regarding sponsorship, speaker opportunities or other opportunities)?

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